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 International PPC Agency Based in Barcelona (Spain)

Setting your digital strategy is one of the most crucial and complicated stages of your marketing actions.
A perfect strategy must be a mix of design, technology and, of course, SEO & PPC.
Novicell helps you define your internet marketing strategy and customize it as per your business goals, introducing the most adequate channels.
Whether it’s your website or mobile app, or a winning digital campaign, we bring brands to life online, and doing it with Paid Ads can be a great way!

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Why should you use Pay Per Click advertising?

It's crucial for your brand to be visible on a variety of platforms.

As a PPC agency, Novicell helps you develop an effective PPC strategy whilst opting for a data-driven approach. Our plan and process for the PPC management is, firstly, to conduct a PPC audit to assess current account structure, organisation and opportunities for optimisations. Then, fully optimise existing campaigns to ensure they are at peak performance. Ongoing optimisations are provided as the campaigns mature to ensure the highest performance for the lowest ad spends.


What can we do for you?

As a leading PPC agency in national and international campaigns, Novicell has established collaborations with the main search engines in the world: Google, Baidu, Yandex, Naver, Yahoo! and Bing, to let you engage users all around the globe.

Based on your needs, we will shape a unique strategy by creating long-term campaign objectives, market by market, and effective and valuable campaigns.


At Novicell we are Google Partners Premier

This certification guarantees that we are prepared to carry out online advertising campaigns according to Google standards: certification, ad spend, and performance.


Google Ads 

Google Ads is the world's largest pay-per-click platform; without it, the PPC surely wouldn't exist. It is based on showing ads based on the keywords searched by users. Thus, advertising on Google gives potential access to more than 3,500 million daily searches. Despite the fact that Google ads is a global leader, there are countries where it is not Google to dominate the search world. As part of our international service, we also offer PPC advertising in markets such as China with Baidu and Russia with Yandex. We also carry out PPC campaigns on Bing, Yahoo or Naiver: We adapt to the needs of each client by developing the appropriate PPC strategy.

We help you get the results that matter to you:


Get qualified and relevant traffic to your website from people who are looking for your services or products


Increase customer calls by linking the call you receive to a keyword. This valuable data will allow you to bid higher on keywords that delivery calls vs the ones that just deliver clicks


Get more online conversions including form submits and checkout purchases


With our advanced platform you can track your entire Return On Investment.


Guiding and assisting users while using your website, product, prototype or application, then, greater results will come further down the line.

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