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Grow your business in Spain with our local market expertise and our cost-effective technology solutions. Discover how we can bring your business to a new level with our marketing and software experts. 🚀

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From Barcelona
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We are experts in a wide range of digital services, from cost-effective and flexible solutions to long-lasting and effective marketing strategies. With our understanding and expertise with international collaborations, we can help our customer to expand their business in Spain and beyond.

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Performance Marketing

From organic search engine optimization (SEO) to paid advertising (SEM), landing page optimization (CRO), inbound marketing, web analytics and social media, our team creates effective strategies to reach and engage your target audience.

Whatever your online project may be, our dedicated consultants and specialists are here to provide you with the most suitable solutions, helping you achieve your international goals and maximize your online presence.

Performance Marketing

What you can gain with us

International SEO

Our specialists will optimize your online presence, increase organic traffic and boost your business to new markets.

International SEM

We leverage the power of paid advertising, strategic campaigns and advanced analytics to maximize your ROI in global markets.


Our experts optimize your website, enhance user experience, and implement data-driven strategies to boost conversions worldwide.

Inbound Marketing

Strategic content, targeted campaigns and the most advanced techniques to attract, engage and delight audiences around the world, driving sustainable business growth.

Data Analysis

We dive deep into your data, extracting valuable insights and actionable recommendations to fuel informed decision-making and drive remarkable business results.


Our creative experts craft Intuitive interfaces, seamless Interactions, and delightful designs to captivate audiences worldwide.

Unlock your local digital success

with our marketing experts

Our team consists of experts in content creation, traffic management, analysis and product promotion with extensive experience in various countries and media types.


Software Development

Reliability and user-friendliness perfectly describe the software solutions we work with, aiming to meet our clients' needs. As technology specialists, at Novicell, we specialize in content management systems, ecommerce platforms and custom software solutions, tailored to the project's complexity.

Our goal is to deliver cost-effective, user-centric software solutions that exceed expectations.

software development

Cost-effective solutions to enhance your business strategy


We are world leaders in Umbraco development. We provide tailored solutions and unmatched expertise to empower your website's performance and scalability.

Sitecore Experience Platform™

Integrate CMS with customer data, analytics, and marketing automation. Nurture customers with personalized, real-time content across all channels for exceptional engagement.


All-in-one solutions for e-commerce, CMS, marketing and Product Information Management (PIM), with a standard integrations for Microsoft's Dynamics systems.


An open source technology and a versatile coding language, that serves as both a CMS for managing website content and an e-Commerce platform.


Supercharge your business with a composable, pace-layered, and MACH-Based architecture. Unlock agility and scalability for unmatched growth.

Flexible solutions

for optimal performance

Your website is the heart of your business, and choosing the right solution is essential. Our offerings guarantee consistency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring flawless functionality. With a strong focus on adaptability and scalability, we deliver a user-friendly experience that allows your business to thrive.

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What you can expect from us

Technology independence

Embrace the power of technological independence with our expert advice.

360 degree digital service

We cover all your business needs in the digital market.

International presence

We are a multicultural company with presence in six countries.

Results-driven approach

Our data-driven insights guide your decision-making process, ensuring success every step of the way.

Complete business vision

We have as a professional rigor to understand the business value before the solution.

Building Meaningful Connections

Business is done between people, we want to understand you and your business.

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We welcome your interest. If you have projects underway or are still trying to define their direction, we would love to hear your ideas.

We understand your business needs so we can advise you in the best way.

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