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Do you want to visualize and analyze data from different sources fast and agile way? Companies evry day have more data sources: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Newsletters data, Google Ads, SEMrush, CRM data...

At Novicell we are experts in dashboards Marketing, we create Dashboards Power BI and Dashboards Data Studio, among others. These are customized panels that we create as a result of previously understanding your business and its needs, with the goal of providing you with the most comfortable and agile interactive data visualization tool to analyze data and make reports in your company.


What's a Dashboard for?

  • View the most important metrics in detail at a glance
  • Detect points of improvement
  • Identify Value Insights
  • Set new goals
  • Make relevant decisions
  • Track KPI's transversely

Linking different Data Sources

Business Intelligence allows you to link different data sources and create an overview of the data that your e-commerce platform generates and collects. There may be a variety of sources that give your reports a robust database on which to manage your business. Here are a few examples.

Google Analytics

Page views


Business volume


Personal data
Demographic data
Purchase order history


Open rate
Number of clicks

Google ads

Price per click
Price per conversion
Nº of conversions per channel

Weather Data

The impact of the weather on your sales
Your customers' usage patterns

What can we do for you?

We help you create a visual representation of your data and results using Dashboards Marketing. This panel will allow you to visualize how our marketing efforts are working, among other things, such as Google Analytics tracking data.

At Novicell (agency dashboard marketing) we offer online Dashboard implementation services, we help you take advantage of their potential and transform your analytics into value insights so that you can generate business.

View all your metrics in real time

At a glance you can see in detail your most important metrics, without wasting time on data that does not add value. 

Find points of improvement

Through the web dashboard it will be much easier and faster to identify which areas are not working and could be improved. 

Save time and money

With an online dashboard you can automate all the work to save time and money. Don't enter every online platform, while the data is collected alone, you can spend more time analyzing and making decisions.

Online Dashboards

We plan, design and develop Dashboard Marketing through different dashboard visualization tools. Google Data Studio and Power Bi allow us to design interactive data visualization boards in real time.

Dashboard Data Studio

The dashboards in Google Data Studio allow us to group all the data in one place so that those responsible for each department, especially Marketing, can visualize the data they need instantly. This tool helps us to analyze the data in a more visual and fast way.

Dashboard Power BI

Power BI dashboards allow us to view data on dashboards and share information across the company. From now on, thanks to this tool we will visualize, analyze and share information in an easier and much faster way.

Do you want to visualize the data of all your sources and reports in a single Dashboard?

Contact an expert to better understand your needs

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  • Digital measurement experts
  • Specialists in Marketing Dashboards (oriented on the objectives of our clients)
  • Expertise in data integration
  • Integration of advanced analytics
  • Specialists in interactive data visualization tools
  • Experts in transforming data into strategic knowledge

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