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Technical Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of making the website understood by the search engine crawlers. It includes all the work crucial for the search engine robots to successfully find the pages and read their contents with a success. For instance, Tech SEO tasks include an optimisation of the crawl budget, an introduction of the correct canonicalization, site speed improvements and more. 

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Why technical SEO is important?

Search engine user agents (so called robots) need to access your website code for a successful crawling, rendering, indexing and ranking of your website. Any disruption in this process directly impacts the final step, which is the ranking of the results. In simpler words, even your most elaborated content can be unnoticed and not shown in Google´s results if your website configuration blocks it from being indexed, or if the crawl of your website is running into so many errors that the search engine robots were unable to reach the new content piece up until now. 

Let the Technical SEO specialists work with you to ensure all the mentioned steps run as smoothly as possible, so you don't hijack your own marketing efforts by simply not realising that Google or other search engines have had trouble with crawling and indexing of your website. 

Some Technical SEO services we offer:

  • Site migrations
  • Domain strategy consultancy
  • Crawl optimization & housekeeping
  • Site speed improvements
  • Robots.txt and XML sitemap introduction or optimization
  • (structured data) optimization
  • Technical SEO Audits

What is a technical SEO audit?  

There is no one way to conduct a Full Technical Audit that would cover absolutely all Technical SEO aspects at once, as the topic is extremely wide and depends on the CMS, hosting type, and the type of issues the site is dealing with. To explain the comprehensiveness of the Tech SEO auditing, we've broken the tasks down into technical sub-audits that are based on a particular issue or an SEO work area: 

Indexation Audit 

To find and fix technical issues like a domain level or page level duplication, keyword cannibalization, orphan pages or crawl errors, a complete indexation audit is necessary. Our technical team puts an emphasis on a complete diagnosis based on a use of a wide range of crawling and analytics tools. We don´t separate the theory from practise, so we back all the information up with independent tests and the real site data. 

Site Speed Audit 

The site speed is officially a part of Google ranking factor since July 2018, but if this isn't enough to convince you that the speed is important, the Think with Google research has found that 53% of mobile visits are abandoned if the page load time is more than 3 secondsOther research shows that the average load time of a mobile page is 15.3 secondsAre you making sure your site speed is on the better end of the overall internet speed results? 

Mobile Audit 

Mobile visits have long surpassed the desktop ones, and the Mobile-First indexing is a reality for majority of the websites, as confirmed by Google. AMP have been heavily promoted by Google, while other major search engines create their own AMP specifications (like Turbo Pages in Yandex and MIPs in Baidu). Make sure your website is truly mobile in all its complexity, and that the content, images & UX all live up to the Mobile-First standards. 

Site architecture & Internal linking audit 

On one hand, you want your users to find their way around all the great content you've prepared for them. On the other hand, you want it to be well-organised, so that the search engines can make sense out of the hierarchy and relevancy of all the information. This is when Site Architecture Audit comes in handy. This investigation joins user journey analytics with internal linking and crawling data, in order to come up with a logical & SEO-friendly site structure recommendations. 

Server Log File Analysis 

Server Log Files are a goldmine of SEO information. They involve detailed data beyond Google Search Console or any analytics tool, as they are an ultimate and fairly complete source of movements on your website. With much information there comes risk of getting lost. That's why we're here to help separate the insights from the information noise. This audit is recommended for complex websites in a non-standard built or a complex domain history, where errors are far from usual. 

Web Analytics implementation check 

They say information is power, and certainly that's the case with web analytics data. But to make informed decisions, it is crucial to trust the data source. If your Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Yandex. Metrika or other analytics software is suspected to count the numbers wrong, make sure it has been implemented correctly with an in-depth testing in place. On top of that, we set up Goal tracking, design funnels, adjust filters and advise on attribution models, to provide a 360 analytics support. 

Some of the CMS we work with:

Custom built / Bespoke systems 

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